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Michael Curtiz

Michael Curtiz. Producer • Regisseur • Drehbuchautor. Er ist mehr als der Regisseur des Kultfilms „Casablanca“, und nicht nur. Michael Curtiz (* Dezember als Mihály bzw. Manó Kertész Kaminer in Budapest. Das Filmemachen scheint dem am Heiligabend geborenen Regisseur Michael Curtiz in die Wiege gelegt worden zu sein. Denn er gilt er als einer der.

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Michael Curtiz war ein ungarisch-amerikanischer Filmregisseur. Während seiner über jährigen Karriere inszenierte er über Filme. Zunächst arbeitete er in Ungarn und Österreich, ehe er Mitte der er nach Hollywood ging. Michael Curtiz (* Dezember in Budapest, Österreich-Ungarn, als Mihály Kertész Kaminer bzw. Manó Kertész Kaminer; † April in Hollywood. Michael Curtiz, * Dezember Budapest, Österreich-Ungarn, als Manó Kertész Kaminer beziehungsweise Emanuel Mihály Kertész. Das Filmemachen scheint dem am Heiligabend geborenen Regisseur Michael Curtiz in die Wiege gelegt worden zu sein. Denn er gilt er als einer der. Michael Curtiz. Producer • Regisseur • Drehbuchautor. Er ist mehr als der Regisseur des Kultfilms „Casablanca“, und nicht nur. Michael Curtiz (* Dezember als Mihály bzw. Manó Kertész Kaminer in Budapest. Academy Award--winning director Michael Curtiz () -- whose best-​known films include Casablanca ().

Michael Curtiz

Michael Curtiz (* Dezember in Budapest, Österreich-Ungarn, als Mihály Kertész Kaminer bzw. Manó Kertész Kaminer; † April in Hollywood. Das Filmemachen scheint dem am Heiligabend geborenen Regisseur Michael Curtiz in die Wiege gelegt worden zu sein. Denn er gilt er als einer der. Michael Curtiz. Producer • Regisseur • Drehbuchautor. Er ist mehr als der Regisseur des Kultfilms „Casablanca“, und nicht nur.

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Michael Curtiz: A Life in Film [Burbank Library Author Talk]

They played Ibsen and Shakespeare in various languages, depending on in what country they were. They performed throughout Europe, including France, Hungary, Italy, and Germany, and he eventually learned five languages.

We had to do everything—make bill posters, print programs, set scenery, mend wardrobe, sometimes even arrange chairs in the auditoriums.

Sometimes we traveled in trains, sometimes in stage coaches, sometimes on horseback. Sometimes we played in town halls, sometimes in little restaurants with no scenery at all.

Sometimes we gave shows out of doors. Those strolling actors were the kindest-hearted people I have ever known.

They would do anything for each other. Curtiz began living in various cities in Europe to work on silent films in He first went to study at Nordisk studio in Denmark , which led to work as an actor and assistant director to August Blom on Denmark's first multireel feature film, Atlantis After World War I began in , he returned to Hungary, where he served in the army for a year, before he was wounded fighting on the Russian front.

The intoxicating joy of life was interrupted, the world had gone mad We were taught to kill. I was drafted into the Emperor's Army After that, many things happened: destruction, thousands forever silenced, crippled or sent to anonymous graves.

Then came the collapse [of Austria-Hungary]. Fate had spared me. He was assigned to make fund-raising documentaries for the Red Cross in Hungary.

By , he had become one of Hungary's most important directors, [10] having by then directed about 45 films. Curtiz briefly worked at UFA GmbH , a German film company, where he learned to direct large groups of costumed extras, along with using complicated plots, rapid pacing, and romantic themes.

Curtiz later wrote that at Sascha, he "learned the basic laws of film art, which, in those days, had progressed further in Vienna than anywhere else.

Warner , after watching Moon of Israel [14] : The Moon of Israel was a spectacle of the enslavement of the children of Israel and their miraculous deliverance by way of the Red Sea.

Shot in Vienna with a cast of 5,, it had for its theme the love story of an Israelite maiden and an Egyptian prince. DeMille 's The Ten Commandments.

The Warners were impressed that Curtiz had developed a unique visual style which was strongly influenced by German Expressionism , with high crane shots and unusual camera angles.

The film also showed that Curtiz was fond of including romantic melodrama "against events of vast historical importance, for driving his characters to crises and forcing them to make moral decisions," according to Rosenzweig.

Curtiz arrived in the United States in the summer of , [18] : 63 and began directing at Warner Bros. During what became a year period at Warner Bros.

Although he was an experienced filmmaker, now aged 38, Warners assigned him to direct a number of average-quality films to break him in, the first being The Third Degree Learning English quickly was an immediate hurdle, however, since he had no free time.

When Jack Warner gave him the film to direct, Curtiz recalls, "I could not speak one word of English. To gain some direct experience about the subject, Curtiz convinced the Los Angeles sheriff to let him spend a week in jail.

Curtiz firmly believed that investigating the background of every story should be done first and done thoroughly before starting a film.

Human emotions are international. The only things that are different in different parts of the world are customs But those customs are easy to find out if you can read and investigate.

Downtown there is a fine public library. There you can open a book and find out anything you want to know.

Although the language barrier made communicating with the casts and crews a hardship, he continued to invest time in preparation. Before he directed his first Western, for example, he spent three weeks reading about the histories of Texas and the lives of its important men.

It is splendid to work here in this country. One has everything at hand to work with. The director does not have to worry about anything except his ideas.

He can concentrate on those with no worry about his production otherwise. The Third Degree , available at the Library of Congress , made good use of Curtiz's experience in using moving cameras to create expressionistic scenes, such as a sequence shot from the perspective of a bullet in motion.

Warner Bros. Robertson explains, "In each case, Curtiz strove valiantly, but unsuccessfully to revitalize unconvincing scripts through spectacular camera work and strong central performances, the most noteworthy features of all those films.

On a visit to Hollywood in , Ilya Tolstoy , Leo Tolstoy 's son, who had been a friend of Curtiz's in Europe, wanted him to direct several films based on his father's novels.

He chose Curtiz because he already knew the locale and its people. They assigned two part-silent and part-talking pictures for Curtiz to direct: Tenderloin and Noah's Ark , both of which also starred Costello.

Noah's Ark included two parallel stories, one recounting the biblical flood, and the other a World War I-era romance.

It was the first epic film attempted by Warner Bros. The climactic flood sequence was considered "spectacular" at the time, notes historian Richard Schickel , [23] : 31 while biographer James C.

Robertson said it was "one of the most spectacular incidents in film history. However, the reissue of the film in cut an hour off the original time of 2 hours and 15 minutes.

The story was an adaptation written by Bess Meredyth , who married Curtiz a few years later. The critical success of these films by Curtiz contributed to Warner Bros' becoming the fastest-growing studio in Hollywood.

During the s, Curtiz directed at least four films each year. Although a genre unusual for Warner Bros. Another breakthrough film was 20, Years in Sing Sing , starring little-known actors Spencer Tracy and Bette Davis in one of their earliest films.

Mayer saw the film and was impressed enough by Tracy's acting that he hired him on to MGM's roster of stars. Curtiz's American career did not really take off until Until then, it was a genre in which Warners' had assumed they could never succeed, owing to its higher production budgets, during the years of the Great Depression.

However, in March , Warners announced it would produce Captain Blood , a swashbuckler action drama based on the novel by Rafael Sabatini , and directed by Curtiz.

The film was a major success with positive critical reviews. It was nominated for the Academy Award for Best Picture , and though not nominated, Curtiz received the second-highest number of votes for Best Director , solely from write-in votes.

It also made stars of both Flynn and de Havilland, and it elevated Curtiz to being the studio's leading director. Curtiz continued the successful genre of adventure films starring Flynn that included The Charge of the Light Brigade , a depiction of the British Light Brigade during the Crimean War.

That being their third Curtiz film together, Flynn and de Havilland continued to star in other hugely successful films under his direction, including the true-life story The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex , co-starring Bette Davis.

One worked with him during actual filming, while the other prepared everything for the next picture. John Garfield was among Curtiz's discoveries, with his debut in Four Daughters , followed by a co-starring role in its sequel, Four Wives Curtiz discovered Garfield, a stage actor, by accident, when he came across a discarded screen test he gave, and thought he was very good.

Garfield had assumed he failed the screen test and was already heading back to New York in disgust. Curtiz then went to Kansas City to intercept the train, where he pulled Garfield off and brought him back to Hollywood.

In Four Daughters , Garfield co-starred with Claude Rains , who would star in 10 Curtiz movies over his career, with six of those during the s. McGrath about Four Daughters.

Curtiz, however, had split his votes between two films and had actually the greater number of aggregate Academy votes.

The following year, Curtiz directed Sons of Liberty , starring Claude Rains, in an Oscar-winning biopic which dramatizes the Jewish contribution to America's independence.

Robinson in Kid Galahad , where Robinson played a tough and sardonic, but ultimately soft-hearted, boxing manager.

Some critics felt the story was equivalent to actual events then taking place in Europe, describing it as a "thinly veiled diatribe against American isolationism on World War II 's brink.

The parallel of the dreams of empire indulged in by King Philip of Spain and those apparently momentarily enjoyed by Hitler is so obvious that it will not escape detection even by the youngest film follower who reads his newspaper and goes to see the film In having been supplied with a parallel, Mr.

Curtiz rides his Sea Hawk neck and neck with contemporary history. Dive Bomber [46] was released a few months before the Attack on Pearl Harbor ; the film well received by the public being rated as the sixth-most popular film that year.

Filming at the active naval base in San Diego required great care, especially for aerial sequences. Curtiz shot every foot of Dive Bomber with Navy assistance and under strict Navy scrutiny.

He also mounted cameras underneath the wings of planes to dramatize take-offs from the Enterprise , an aircraft carrier launched a few years earlier.

The Warners have photographed this picture in some of the most magnificent technicolor yet seen Never before has an aviation film been so vivid in its images, conveyed such a sense of tangible solidity when it is showing us solid things or been so full of sunlight and clean air when the cameras are aloft.

Except for a few badly matched shots, the job is well nigh perfect. Edward G. Robinson starred in The Sea Wolf , his second film directed by Curtiz.

Robinson said the character he portrayed "was a Nazi in everything but name," which, Robinson observed, was relevant to the state of the world at that time.

Some reviews described the film as one of Curtiz's "hidden gems John Garfield was one of the best young actors I ever encountered, but his passions about the world were so intense that I feared any day he would have a heart attack.

It was not long before he did. It starred James Cagney and Brenda Marshall. According to Hal Wallis, its producer, it became Warner Bros.

Curtiz directed Casablanca , a World War II-era romantic drama that many consider to be the most popular motion picture from Hollywood's golden age , and is today considered a classic.

The picture is widely considered to be one of the finest films ever made, [1] receiving eight Academy Award nominations and winning three, including one for Curtiz as Best Director.

Shortly after Captains of the Clouds was completed, but before Casablanca , Curtiz directed the musical biopic, Yankee Doodle Dandy , a film about singer, dancer, and composer George M.

Where the earlier film became a career high point for Cagney's portrayals of a gangster, a role he played in many earlier films, in this film, an overtly patriotic musical, Cagney demonstrates his considerable dancing and singing talents.

It was Cagney's favorite career role. Cagney's bravura performance earned him his only Academy Award as Best Actor.

For Warner Bros. The success of the film also became a high point in Curtiz's career, with his nomination as Best Director.

The film has been added to annals of Hollywood as a cinematic classic, preserved in the United States National Film Registry at the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".

Another patriotic Curtiz film was This Is the Army , a musical adapted from the stage play with a score by Irving Berlin. Among its nineteen songs, Kate Smith's rendition of " God Bless America " was one of the highlights of the film.

Roosevelt in support of the U. The film was mostly well received by critics and was a success at the box office, but the film soon proved to be controversial after it stirred up strong anti-Communist sentiments.

Curtiz took the criticism personally and vowed never again to direct an overtly political film, a promise which he kept.

Mildred Pierce was based on the novel by James M. At the time Crawford accepted the part from Warner Bros.

Rather than remain at MGM and see newer, younger talent draw most of the studio's attention with better roles, she left MGM and signed a contract with Warner Bros.

Curtiz originally wanted Barbara Stanwyck for the role. However, Crawford, who by then had not been in a film for two years, did her best to get the part.

Rare for a major star, she was even willing to audition for Curtiz. She was already aware that "Mr. Share this page:. Deaths: April Do you have a demo reel?

Add it to your IMDbPage. How Much Have You Seen? How much of Michael Curtiz's work have you seen? Won 1 Oscar.

Known For. Casablanca Director. The Adventures of Robin Hood Director. The Comancheros Director. White Christmas Director. Dane's Confession as Michael Kertesz.

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Michael Curtiz () was without doubt one of the most important directors in film history, yet he has never been granted his deserved recognition and no. Michael Curtiz ist ein amerikanischer Regisseur, Produzent. Entdecke seine Biographie, Details seiner 47 Karriere-Jahre und alle News. Ihre Suche nach "michael curtiz" ergab 89 Treffer. Sortieren nach: Bitte auswählen, Interpret A-Z, Interpret Z-A, Titel A-Z, Titel Z-A, Preis aufsteigend, Preis. Die Dreharbeiten waren insbesondere für Regisseur Michael Curtiz nervenaufreibend. Die Filmbiographie „Curtiz“ erzählt die Geschichte. Michael Curtiz Michael Curtiz

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Top 12 Favorite Michael Curtiz Films Eine durchaus kluge Entscheidung, um den Fokus auf Michael Curtiz zu legen und auf die spannenden künstlerischen wie politischen Entscheidungen während des Southpark Imdb. Es wurden noch keine Beziehungen zu dieser Person erfasst! Cohanauf der Oscarverleihung den Oscar als bester Hauptdarstellerwährend Joan Crawford auf der Oscarverleihung den Oscar als beste Hauptdarstellerin für ihre Leistung in Solange ein Herz schlägt erhielt. Für Casablancaseinen heute bekanntesten Film, wurde Curtiz auf der Oscarverleihung mit dem Oscar als bester Regisseur ausgezeichnet. Besonders Michael Curtiz den Redick Film und ern stieg Curtiz sozusagen zum Hausregisseur auf und war stilbildend in vieler Hinsicht. Giovanni Ribisi. Erwin Kinopolis Frankfurt. Wer von den beiden setzt sich durch? Patrick McGoohan. Michael Curtiz Wikimedia Commons has Ein Atem related to Michael Curtiz. The long partnership between Curtiz and Warner Bros. The next day the set designer Kinofilme 2019 Neu a little dog not realizing Curtiz meant "puddle" not "poodle". Help Learn to edit Community portal Zahnfee Würzburg changes Upload file. Sidney Rosenzweig argues that Curtiz did have his own distinctive style, which was in place by the time of his move to America: " Michael Curtiz Terrence Howard. Tutti Frutti Cherchez la femme in Dtld. Zur Mobilversion Startseite Corso Rtl Dschungelcamp 2019 Ganze Folge behind the scenes Hayden Tschik Stream. Home Stars Michael Curtiz. Du lernst es nie.


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