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The Goodwife

Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Good Wife - Season 7 [6 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! - Kaufen Sie The Good Wife - Die komplette Serie günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Good Wife. Alicia Florrick hatte eigentlich alles im Leben und war zufrieden so wie es lief. Doch ihre Idylle wurde jäh.

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Alicia Florrick ist von ihrem Mann betrogen und kehrt zurück in ihren Beruf als Anwältin. Good Wife (Originaltitel: The Good Wife) ist eine US-amerikanische Dramaserie, die zwischen dem September und dem 8. Mai auf CBS. Alicia Florrick ist die Frau des Staatsanwalts Peter Florrick (Chris Noth). Als Peter aufgrund eines Sex- und Korruptions-Skandals angeklagt und inhaftiert wird. - Kaufen Sie The Good Wife - Die komplette Serie günstig ein. Qualifizierte Bestellungen werden kostenlos geliefert. Sie finden Rezensionen und. The Good Wife. DramaRecht. 7 StaffelnHD. Als Alicias Ehemann wegen Veruntreuung ins Gefängnis muss, kehrt sie in ihren Beruf als Anwältin zurück, um ihr. In der US-Serie The Good Wife kehrt die betrogene Ehefrau eines US-Politikers in ihren Beruf als Anwältin zurück, nachdem ihr Ehemann im Gefängnis landet. Komplette Handlung und Informationen zu Good Wife. Alicia Florrick hatte eigentlich alles im Leben und war zufrieden so wie es lief. Doch ihre Idylle wurde jäh.

The Goodwife

The Good Wife. DramaRecht. 7 StaffelnHD. Als Alicias Ehemann wegen Veruntreuung ins Gefängnis muss, kehrt sie in ihren Beruf als Anwältin zurück, um ihr. In der US-Serie The Good Wife kehrt die betrogene Ehefrau eines US-Politikers in ihren Beruf als Anwältin zurück, nachdem ihr Ehemann im Gefängnis landet. "Good Wife" und "Good Fight" - Wie macht man ein gutes Spinoff? COSMO Glotz & Gloria. Min.

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Nutzer haben sich diese Serie vorgemerkt. Die Sender- und Serienlogos sind Eigentum der entsprechenden Sender bzw. Skandal nach einer wahren Geschichte Die Serie basiert teilweise auf dem Skandal rund um den US-amerikanischen Politiker Eliot Spitzer, der aufgrund seines Verhältnisses mit exklusiven Prostituierten von seiner Stelle zurücktreten musste. Hauptseite Themenportale Zufälliger Artikel.

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Alicia Florrick \ Ansichten Lesen Bearbeiten Sincity bearbeiten Versionsgeschichte. Orange Is the New Black. Deutschsprachige Erstausstrahlung. Kalinda ist bisexuell und hat einen sehr Kirsten Bell und misantropischen Blick auf die Gesellschaft. April bei SRF zwei ausgestrahlt. Neuer Abschnitt Teaser. In Deutschland strahlte ProSieben die erste Staffel ab dem Januar bis Warum dann nicht auch einfach drüber reden? The Goodwife Good Wife: Wieder einmal ist ein Senator, Oberstaatsanwalt oder Abgeordneter über Korruption oder einen Sex-Skandal gestolpert und muss zurücktreten. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Good Wife - Season 7 [6 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»The Good Wife - Gesamtbox [42 DVDs​]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! "Good Wife" und "Good Fight" - Wie macht man ein gutes Spinoff? COSMO Glotz & Gloria. Min. The Goodwife The Goodwife

The finale episode of The Good Wife , "End", generated a divided reaction among viewers and critics, with many praising it as a fitting ending to a complex character [72] [73] with others who argued of its ambiguity and absence of a conclusion — particularly with Alicia's love life.

The finale drew controversy in its last scene when Diane Lockhart slaps Alicia Florrick for having betrayed her in court to save Peter from jail.

Alicia is then left alone in a hallway before walking away to a future of uncertainty regarding her relationship with Jason, her career, and political life.

The Kings claim the show was 'moving in the direction where there wasn't much difference between who Alicia was and who her husband was.

It's hard to quite see her that way after all the good she's done for so many seasons. But the inclusion of Will Gardner in the finale momentarily humanizes Alicia while also highlighting the idea that Alicia's transformation into Peter has been a longtime coming," and claiming that "the show's incredible finale belongs to an earlier age of television.

The ensemble cast of The Good Wife had been praised as "one of the best casts in television, and it was supplemented with an awe-inspiring array of guest stars — one way for the Kings to flaunt the advantages of a network budget.

Half the cast of The Wire passed through its halls, as did more Broadway stars than there are in heaven," although at the end of the series the guest stars were increasingly placed in "throwaway roles.

Club opined that the show's "writers really struggled to rebuild that same type of long-term emotional storytelling.

His departure left a gap that was never fully filled again. Archie Panjabi's portrayal of Kalinda Sharma was well-regarded during the first three seasons, but Sonia Saraiya of Salon felt that her character ended up sidelined by a much-criticized plotline in seasons four to six, amid a rumored rift between Panjabi and producer Julianna Margulies where they did not share any screen time for their final 50 episodes.

The series and its cast have won a number of awards. The series has also been nominated for five Golden Globe Awards in its first four seasons, with Margulies winning the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress — Television Series Drama for the first half of the first season in In total, the series and its cast have been nominated for 35 Primetime Emmy Awards in its first five seasons.

Nathan Lane was nominated for his guest role as Clarke Hayden. On October 7, , CBS gave the series a full-season pickup, extending the first season from 13 to 22 episodes, [95] later extended to 23 episodes.

However, not long after premiering on the Hallmark Channel the show was pulled from the schedule. The show received an average of , viewers on Hallmark Channel.

Michelle and Robert King stated in February that there was a possibility for a spin-off series. In September , it was confirmed that the episode series would premiere in February The story picks up a year after the final episode of the original series, with Diane pushed out of her firm after a financial scam wipes out her savings, resulting in her move to Lucca Quinn's firm.

Sarah Steele was also added to the cast, returning as Marissa Gold and appearing as Diane Lockhart's secretary-turned-investigator. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

For other uses, see The Good Wife disambiguation. Legal drama Political drama. Robert King Michelle King. Danny Lux David Buckley — Ron Binkowski Corinne Brinkerhoff.

Peter Florrick Chris Noth is Alicia's husband. The series begins with Peter resigning as State's Attorney of Cook County and going to prison amid a corruption and prostitution scandal.

He spends most of the first season appealing his conviction and is cleared of the charges by the end of the season.

He then successfully campaigns for election as State's Attorney again, and later successfully runs for Governor of Illinois. The series ends with Alicia standing by Peter's side as he announces his resignation from the Governorship, as a plea deal with a special prosecutor investigating his new corruption charge.

She is reluctant to believe in her son's corrupt behavior and is hopeful Alicia and Peter will reunite. Her meddling irritates Alicia who has little affection for her mother-in-law.

Diane Lockhart and Will Gardner have misgivings about representing someone of his ilk, but badly need his business and his money.

They focus on representing his legitimate business interests, but he ends up needing more of their services.

He cares deeply for his young son. He does not like Cary Agos and accuses him of having a "thing for ethnic women". He spends the first series trying to keep Peter in prison, and later runs against Peter for State's Attorney.

He is forced to drop out of the race amid controversy, and later works as an Assistant U. Becca Dreama Walker is Zach Florrick's high school girlfriend early in the first season.

She enjoys the notoriety that comes with Zach's family name and turns out to be quite the schemer for a high school student.

Eli Gold involves himself in keeping her in line. Kurt McVeigh Gary Cole is a ballistics expert who helps the firm on several cases, and an on-and-off love interest for Diane.

Diane and he get married in season five, in spite of their political differences. Patti Nyholm Martha Plimpton is a rival attorney who opposes the Lockhart, Gardner crew in several cases.

She is a scheming lawyer who mainly represents big companies. She has two kids whom she often uses to win time or the affections of judges, jurors, and witnesses.

He is one of the firm's founders and a legendary lawyer. He is frequently out of the office and out of sight out of mind. He comes to Alicia Florrick for assistance representing him in a DUI case and puts her in a difficult position.

Elsbeth Tascioni Carrie Preston is a quirky lawyer introduced in the episode "Mock" as part of Peter's legal defense team.

She returns in the third season to help Alicia when she gets in trouble with the Treasury Department. Later in that series, Will hires her to help him when Wendy Scott-Carr investigates him for judicial bribery.

Although Alicia finds Colin's alleged crimes repugnant, he has a certain charm and wit. He is also quite taken by her.

Nancy Crozier Mamie Gummer is a young rival attorney who has been opposing counsel to Alicia in various cases. She pretends to be a bumbling, innocent country girl when she is, in fact, a skilled and devious attorney.

Owen Cavanaugh Dallas Roberts is Alicia's mischievous, gay younger brother. He is a professor of mathematics and moves from Oregon to Chicago in season two.

Louis Canning Michael J. Fox is a rival attorney who has been opposing counsel to Alicia in various cases. Canning is afflicted with terminal tardive dyskinesia , which he often uses to curry sympathy with judges, juries and witnesses.

He offers Alicia a job in "Wrongful Termination", which she rejects. Later, both David Lee and Diane relocate to Florrick, Agos eventually becoming Lockhart, Agos and Lee , and furious at the firm for a personal slight involving his wife, approaches an unemployed Alicia with an offer of going into business against them in "Wanna Partner?

As Peter's political consultant, Eli Gold is frequently trying to curry favor with Landau. She has a sweet public face but is very driven and aggressive in going after people when she believes they are in the wrong.

In season 3, she is hired by Peter to investigate Will Gardner. He knows Cary Agos from their work in the past. He became a stay-at-home dad to his young daughter and often brings her along on his stakeouts or interviews, giving him a deceptive non-threatening air.

Jim Moody Skipp Sudduth is an operative for the Democratic National Committee to whom Eli Gold turns when he needs results, but does not want to know how they are achieved.

Natalie Flores America Ferrera is Eli's love interest in season 2. Blake Calamar Scott Porter is a private investigator for the firm who competes with Kalinda.

He tries to frame Kalinda for putting a doctor in a coma but fails. He finds out that her former name was Leela Tahiri and Peter helped her change it.

In return, she slept with Peter. After this revelation, he disappears when Derrick Bond is removed as name partner at Lockhart, Gardner.

Derrick Bond Michael Ealy is a new partner in season 2. He plays Will and Diane against each other, forcing Diane to plan a new firm.

He fails when Will and Diane find out his scheme and turn on him. In "Great Firewall", he is removed as a named partner.

Howard Lyman Jerry Adler is an equity partner at Lockhart Gardner who does not work anymore but collects his profits. He is brought in to side with another partner on a business issue but then gets the idea that his opinion actually matters.

He is arrogant, ambitious, very wealthy, and used to getting his way. Mike Kresteva Matthew Perry is an attorney who leads a blue ribbon panel that Alicia is appointed to in season 3; and later becomes Peter's Republican rival in the general election for Illinois governor during season 4.

They remain on good terms with each other. She has political aspirations of her own. She is the niece of David Lee and Alicia acts as her mentor.

She cultivates a flirty relationship with Kalinda Sharma in an attempt to get incriminating information on Will. Dana and Cary have a brief relationship, which is against office rules.

Robyn Burdine Jess Weixler is the firm's second in-house private investigator, hired during season 4. Mandy Post Miriam Shor is a reporter who thinks she has a scoop on Peter Florrick in season 4 and Eli Gold frantically tries to get ahead of her story.

Veronica Loy Stockard Channing is Alicia's heavy drinking mother. Her several husbands and lovers are an annoyance to Alicia and Owen.

It is implied that David Lee, who helped her challenge her late husband's pre-nup, likes her. Clarke Hayden Nathan Lane is a court-appointed trustee in charge of getting the firm out of bankruptcy in season 4.

Nick Saverese Marc Warren is Kalinda's abusive ex-husband, whom she had been avoiding by changing her name.

He appears in season 4, after being revealed as connected in some way to the unseen person knocking on Kalinda's door in the cliff-hanger at the end of season three.

The character proved unpopular with fans and critics, bringing a sudden end to the storyline. After escalating patterns of abuse and incidents affecting the lives of Kalinda's friends, she resolves to deal with him once and for all; she later tells Alicia that he is gone.

While in Afghanistan, a contractor attempted to rape her. Alicia then helps her secure a position as an assistant state's attorney, becoming Alicia's opposing counsel.

Maddie Hayward Maura Tierney is a feminist who initially supports Peter's campaign for governor, but upon hearing about Peter possibly sleeping with a campaign worker, pulls out and runs for the Democratic nomination herself, eventually losing to Peter.

Jordan Karahalios T. Knight is the young political consultant brought in by the Democratic National Committee to run Peter Florrick's gubernatorial campaign when Eli Gold runs into trouble with the Justice Department.

Eli hates him immediately. They have clashing political styles and disagree on just about everything. Peter has a hard time listening to Jordan's advice.

Johnny Elfman Steven Pasquale is Alicia's campaign manager for state's attorney election. Courtney Paige Vanessa Williams is a self made business-woman and a love interest for Eli Gold in season seven.

She is highly intelligent and oozes Southern charm, but her ambitions for Peter put her in regular conflict with Eli and Alicia.

Burl Preston F. Celeste Serrano Lisa Edelstein , an attorney and Will's former partner. Main article: List of The Good Wife episodes.

Main article: The Good Wife season 1. Main article: The Good Wife season 2. Main article: The Good Wife season 3. Main article: The Good Wife season 4.

Main article: The Good Wife season 5. Main article: The Good Wife season 6. Main article: The Good Wife season 7. Main article: List of awards and nominations received by The Good Wife.

Main article: The Good Fight. TV Guide. Retrieved June 24, February 9, Retrieved October 30, Los Angeles Times. Retrieved January 9, Retrieved September 10, Rolling Stone.

Plus, see what some of your favorite '90s stars look like now. See the full gallery. Title: The Good Wife — The Good Wife is a drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who must assume full responsibility for her family and re-enter the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail.

First post. And boy I was not disappointed. Julianna Margulies leads a stellar ensemble cast, the acting and script writing is near-flawless, and the weekly stories are believable yet not over-the-top.

A nice almost Thriller main storyline flows throughout the episodes, adding a compelling undercurrent to what could have been just another legal drama.

The Good Wife examines the lives of legal professionals as affected by their cases and work circumstances. It certainly does not mirror the style of any other legal drama in style, timing or episode structure, and I believe it has found a well-deserved niche of it's own on current high-quality television drama.

I highly recommend you watch this series if you enjoy fine acting and tight, coherent and interesting story lines. Greg PS. Thankfully there is no "This is based on a true story" etc.

Literally sitting on the edge of my couch. Since my original review this fantastic drama has grown in depth and breadth - I can now place it almost with Deadwood, Dexter, The Walking Dead, Battlestar Galactica and Six Feet Under as an all time television great - no exaggeration.

The interplay between characters of whom the depth is truly 3 dimensional is complex, yet does not try to confuse the viewer in an attempt at narcissistic scriptwriting "greatness" We all know shows that do that.

It just flows. Amongst the stellar cast, my favorite character would have to be exotic and mysterious Kalinda Sharma, played by the mesmerizing Archie Panjabi Emmy award winner for best actress, and Chopard Trophy winner for the phenomenal 's "A Mighty Heart".

Subtle humor is so well crafted and acted, you are guaranteed at least one belly laugh per episode; these become almost a small gift from the writers - an we want these characters to resonate with you unexpected and welcome tangent from the often serious, sometimes even chilling story lines.

Truthfully I can't recall one episode where I reflected "gee that was a bit dull, I guess they had to do that to pad out the season". Just gritty, compelling and eminently enjoyable television.

The Good Wife is simply superb. Looking for some great streaming picks? Check out some of the IMDb editors' favorites movies and shows to round out your Watchlist.

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Technical Specs. Episode List. Plot Summary. S1 E10 Dec 15, S1 E11 Jan 05, S1 E12 Jan 12, Show More. Related Shows. What's New. Episode Guide. The drama stars Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, a disgraced wife who returns to work as a lawyer after her husband, Peter Florrick, is imprisoned following a scandal.

Following a win at the polls after a hard-fought campaign, Alicia is forced to step down from office when voter fraud threatens the Democratic party in the state of Illinois.

Now, with her political career over before it began and without a law firm to call her own, Alicia cautiously begins to practice law, becoming an attorney for arrestees seeking release on bail, with the assistance of Jason Crouse, a calm, experienced hourly investigator whom she hires.

Jerry Stiller. Serien wie Good Wife. Nachdem der erste Prozess gegen Peter das Familienvermögen verschlungen hatte, suchte sich Alicia Arbeit als Anwältin, um sich und die beiden Teenager Grace und Zach zu versorgen. Da das Familieneinkommen nach seiner Inhaftierung deutlich sinkt, beginnt Alicia selbstständig den Lebensunterhalt für sich und die Kinder zu sichern. Zwischen dem Willy Wonka Stream Deutsch Obwohl in Shahid Kapoor mehr ganz jungem Alter wagt Alicia den Einstieg in ihre ursprünglich geplante Karriere als Strafverteidigerin, nachdem das Familieneinkommen mit der Inhaftierung ihres Mannes ausbleibt. Neben den sich Heartbreakers die erste und zweite Staffel hinziehenden Beziehungsproblemen werden in jeder The Goodwife juristische Prozesse aus den Bereichen Straf- und Zivilrecht beschrieben. The Huffington Post. C21 Kolovrat. Meanwhile, Alicia gives Peter a proper welcome home. He fails when Will and Diane find out his scheme and turn on him. When Alicia and Peter work together to thwart the bad press, Petra alleges that Alicia committed voter fraud by rigging Gormenghast machines. Blake and Alicia feud, and Blake eventually uncovers that Kalinda had Nur Mit Dir Trailer her name from "Leela" and that Leela slept with Peter Florrick when she used to work for him in the State's Attorney's office. Won 1 Golden Globe. The Goodwife


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