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Captain America Bucky

Auch Bucky ist scheinbar verstorben, als Captain America jedoch einen Angriff auf die HYDRA-Basis hinter feindlichen Linien leitet um die Geiseln zu retten. James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Auch Steve und Bucky fliehen gemeinsam mit den befreiten Soldaten und kehren ins Lager der Alliierten zurück. Steve, der für seinen Einsatz einen Orden.

Captain America Bucky Winter Soldier

James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Captain America: The First Avenger. Bucky tritt als Freund von Steve Rogers auf, der zwar dessen Mut bewundert, aber aufgrund Rogers körperlichem Zustand. Auch Bucky ist scheinbar verstorben, als Captain America jedoch einen Angriff auf die HYDRA-Basis hinter feindlichen Linien leitet um die Geiseln zu retten. Halli Hallo! Eine Captain America FF werde ich jetzt schreiben,ich mag die Filme so sehr das ich jetzt darüber eine FF schrieben will hoffe es gefällt euch Auch Steve und Bucky fliehen gemeinsam mit den befreiten Soldaten und kehren ins Lager der Alliierten zurück. Steve, der für seinen Einsatz einen Orden. The First Avenger: Civil War – Wikipedia. Captain America and Bucky: The Life Story of Bucky Barnes | Brubaker, Ed, Andreyko, Marc, Samnee, Chris | ISBN: | Kostenloser Versand für.

Captain America Bucky

Auch Steve und Bucky fliehen gemeinsam mit den befreiten Soldaten und kehren ins Lager der Alliierten zurück. Steve, der für seinen Einsatz einen Orden. The First Avenger: Civil War – Wikipedia. James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes ist eine fiktive Figur, die in amerikanischen Comics erscheint, die von Marvel Comics veröffentlicht werden. Captain America Bucky

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Bucky vs Other Winter Soldiers - Flashback Scene - Captain America Civil War (2016) Movie Clip 4K Captain America Bucky

He forms a friendship with the camp's teenage mascot , James Buchanan "Bucky" Barnes. Barnes learns of Rogers' dual identity and offers to keep the secret if he can become Captain America's sidekick.

During their adventures, Franklin D. Roosevelt presents Captain America with a new shield , forged from an alloy of steel and vibranium , fused by an unknown catalyst, so effective that it replaces his own firearm.

Zemo launches the plane with an armed explosive on it with Rogers and Barnes in hot pursuit. The pair reaches the plane just before takeoff.

When Bucky tries to defuse the bomb, it explodes in mid-air. Rogers is hurled into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. Both are presumed dead, though it is later revealed that neither had died.

Captain America appeared in comics for the next few years, changing from World War II-era hero fighting the Nazis to confronting the United States' newest enemy, Communism.

The revival of the character in the mids was short-lived, and events during that time period are later retconned to show that multiple people operated using the code name to explain the changes in the character.

They are assisted by Fred Davis continuing the role of Bucky. The last of these other official Captains, William Burnside , [69] was a history graduate enamored with the Captain America mythos, having his appearance surgically altered to resemble Rogers and legally changing his name to "Steve Rogers", becoming the new "s Captain America".

As a result, while Burnside and Monroe became the new Captain America and Bucky, they became violently paranoid, often raving about innocent people being communist sympathizers during the height of the Red Scare of the s.

Their insanity forced the U. After he revives, they piece together that Rogers has been preserved in a block of ice since , surviving because of his enhancements from Project: Rebirth.

The block began to melt after the Sub-Mariner , enraged that an Inuit tribe is worshipping the frozen figure, throws it into the ocean.

He quickly assumes leadership [73] and has typically returned to that position throughout the team's history. Captain America is plagued by guilt for having been unable to prevent Bucky's death.

Although he takes the young Rick Jones who closely resembles Bucky under his tutelage, he refuses for some time to allow Jones to take up the Bucky identity, not wishing to be responsible for another youth's death.

Insisting that his hero move on from that loss, Jones convinces Rogers to let him don the Bucky costume, [74] but this partnership lasts only a short time; a disguised Red Skull , impersonating Rogers with the help of the Cosmic Cube , drives Jones away.

Rogers reunites with his old war comrade Nick Fury , who is similarly well-preserved due to the "Infinity Formula". As a result, Rogers regularly undertakes missions for the security agency S.

Rogers later meets and trains Sam Wilson, who becomes the superhero the Falcon , [77] the first African-American superhero in mainstream comic books.

During this period, Rogers temporarily gains super strength. The series dealt with the Marvel Universe 's version of the Watergate scandal , [85] [86] [87] making Rogers so uncertain about his role that he abandons his Captain America identity in favor of one called Nomad , [88] emphasizing the word's meaning as "man without a country".

During this time, several men unsuccessfully assume the Captain America identity. The s included a run by writer Roger Stern and artist John Byrne.

Stern, in his capacity as editor of the title, originally rejected the idea but later changed his mind about the concept. Writer J.

Mark Gruenwald became the writer of the series with issue July and wrote issues for 10 consecutive years from until Sept.

Gruenwald created several new foes, including Crossbones and the Serpent Society. Rogers receives a large back-pay reimbursement dating back to his disappearance at the end of World War II, and a government commission orders him to work directly for the U.

Already troubled by the corruption he had encountered with the Nuke incident in New York City , where the gangster supervillain, The Kingpin , used his corrupted contacts in the US military to have the psychopathic test subject of a secret failed attempt to recreate Project Rebirth's body enhancements, Nuke , to attack Hell's Kitchen in a murderous rampage to draw Daredevil out of hiding [] Rogers chooses instead to resign his identity, [] [] and then takes the alias of "the Captain".

Rogers returns to the Captain America identity [] while a recovered Walker becomes the U. Sometime afterward, Rogers avoids the explosion of a methamphetamine lab, but the drug triggers a chemical reaction in the Super Soldier Serum in his system.

To combat the reaction, Rogers has the serum removed from his body and trains constantly to maintain his physical condition. This additionally explained how nemesis the Red Skull , who at the time inhabited a body cloned from Rogers' cells, has the formula in his body.

Because of his altered biochemistry, Rogers' body begins to deteriorate, and for a time he must wear a powered exoskeleton and is eventually placed again in suspended animation.

During this time, he is given a transfusion of blood from the Red Skull , which cures his condition and stabilizes the Super-Soldier virus in his system.

Captain America returns to crime fighting and the Avengers. Following Gruenwald's departure from the series, Mark Waid took over and resurrected Sharon Carter as Cap's love interest.

The title was then relaunched under Rob Liefeld as Cap became part of the Heroes Reborn universe for 13 issues [] before another relaunch restored Waid to the title [] in an arc that saw Cap lose his shield for a time using an energy based shield as a temporary replacement.

Following Waid's run, Dan Jurgens took over and introduced new foe Protocide , a failed recipient of the Super Soldier Serum prior to the experiment that successfully created Rogers.

Some time after this, Rogers' original shield was retrieved, but subtle damage sustained during the battle with the Beyonder resulted in it being shattered and a 'vibranium cancer' being triggered that would destroy all vibranium in the world, with Rogers nearly being forced to destroy the shield before a confrontation with the villain Klaw saw Klaw's attacks unwittingly repair the shield's fractured molecular bonds and negate cancer.

In the aftermath of the September 11 terrorist attacks , Rogers reveals his identity to the world and establishes a residence in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn , New York , as seen in Captain America vol.

Rogers resumes his on-again, off-again relationship with S. After a mass supervillain break-out of the Raft, Rogers and Tony Stark assemble a new team of Avengers to hunt the escapees.

In the — company-wide story arc " Civil War ", Rogers opposes the new mandatory federal registration of super-powered beings , and leads the underground anti-registration movement.

After significant rancor and danger to the public as the two sides clash, Captain America voluntarily surrenders and orders the Anti-Registration forces to stand down, feeling that the fight has reached a point where the principle originally cited by the anti-registration forces has been lost.

Bucky takes on the mantle of Captain America, per Rogers' antemortem request. Captain America: Reborn 1 Aug. Although Rogers manages to relay a message to the future by giving a time-delayed command to the Vision during the Kree-Skrull War , the Skull returns Rogers to the present, where he takes control of Rogers' mind and body.

Rogers eventually regains control, and, with help from his allies, defeats the Skull. The President of the United States grants Rogers a full pardon for his anti-registration actions.

The President of the United States appoints Rogers, in his civilian identity, as " America's top cop " and head of the nation's security, [] replacing Norman Osborn as the tenth Executive Director of S.

In the aftermath of the battle, Iron Man presents him with his reforged shield, now stronger for its uru-infused enhancements despite the scar it bears.

In the Avengers vs. She is the targeted vessel for the Phoenix Force , a destructive cosmic entity.

Captain America believes that this Phoenix Force is too dangerous to entrust in one person and seeks to prevent Hope from having it. After Cyclops was incarcerated, and Steve accepted the Avengers should have done more to help mutants, and allowed the world to hate them, he started planning a new sub-team of Avengers in the hopes of unifying mutant and humankind alike.

He chose Havok to lead his team and become the new face to represent mutants as Professor X and Cyclops once were. Their first threat was the return of the Red Skull - more specifically, a clone of the Skull created in and kept in stasis in the event of the original's death- who usurped Professor X's body to provide himself with telepathic powers, which he would use to provoke citizens of New York into a mass assault against mutants, or anyone who could be one, and force the Scarlet Witch and Rogue to allow themselves to be attacked.

The Red Skull's skills were still erratic, and could not completely control Captain America, an attack against him was enough of a distraction to lose control of Rogue and the Scarlet Witch.

After being overpowered by the rest of the Uncanny Avengers, the Red Skull escapes, but promises to return. In the aftermath, both Rogue and the Scarlet Witch joined the team.

During a battle with an enemy called the Iron Nail, the Super Soldier Serum within Rogers's body was neutralized, causing him to age rapidly to match his chronological age of over 90 years.

When various Avengers and X-Men were inverted into villains and several villains inverted into heroism due to a miscast spell by the Scarlet Witch and Doctor Doom , [] Rogers not only coordinated the efforts of Spider-Man and the inverted villains, now called the "Astonishing Avengers", [] but also donned his old armor to battle the inverted Falcon, [] until the heroes and villains could be returned to normal with the aid of the White Skull the inverted Red Skull.

The ensuing fight between the two old friends led Steve Rogers to force Iron Man to admit that he had lied to him and all of their allies, when he had known about the incursions between alternate Earths all along, but Iron Man also confessed that he wouldn't change a thing.

The final incursion started and Earth started approaching Earth while Iron Man and Steve Rogers kept fighting. Earth's S. Steve Rogers later has an encounter with an alternate Logan from Earth After defeating Logan and bringing him to Alberta, Canada, Rogers tried to "reassure" Logan that this was not "his" past by showing him the adamantium-frozen body of Earth's Logan.

This sight reminds Logan of the need to enjoy being alive rather than brooding over the ghosts of his past.

Although he told Steve Rogers what he had experienced in his timeline, Logan declined Steve's offer of help. During the " Avengers: Standoff!

Their argument is interrupted when Baron Helmut Zemo and Fixer restore the inmates to normal. Rogers is then escorted to Dr. Erik Selvig 's clinic by Father Patrick.

During an attempt to reason with Kobik, Rogers is attacked by Crossbones. Before Rogers can be killed, Kobik uses her abilities to restore him back to his prime.

Rogers rallies the heroes so that they can take the fight to Zemo. In Captain America: Steve Rogers 1 July , the final panel apparently revealed that Rogers has been a Hydra double-agent since his early youth.

Additionally, it is revealed that Rogers' abusive father, Joseph, was actually killed by Hydra, and that Hydra deceived him into thinking Joseph died of a heart attack.

During the " Civil War II " storyline, with the discovery of new Inhuman Ulysses — who has the ability to "predict" the future by calculating complex patterns — Rogers has set out to prevent Ulysses from learning of his true plans and allegiance.

Rogers does this by "forcing" certain predictions on him, such as anonymously providing Bruce Banner with new gamma research to provoke a vision that would drive the Avengers to kill Banner, although this plan has apparently backfired with a recent vision showing the new Spider-Man standing over the dead Steve Rogers.

This inspires doubt in Tony Stark for his current stance by suggesting that he is just acting against Danvers because he does not like being top dog.

Later, Rogers goes to Sokovia and joins forces with Black Widow to liberate freedom fighters from a prison so they can reclaim their country.

After that, he goes to his base where Doctor Selvig expresses concern of his plan to kill the Red Skull. He then reveals that he has Baron Zemo in a cell, planning to recruit him.

In the " Secret Empire " storyline, Rogers, as the head of S. D, uses a subsequent alien invasion and a mass supervillain assault in order to seize control of the United States.

He neutralizes the superheroes that might oppose him, [] and seeks the Cosmic Cube to bring about a reality in which Hydra won World War II.

For himself, Rogers muses that this troubling affair has a silver lining, that this experience will teach everyone not to place such blind trust in another.

Rogers' battle experience and training make him an expert tactician and an excellent field commander, with his teammates frequently deferring to his orders in battle.

The Avengers, X-Men, Fantastic Four, and other heroes choose Rogers as their leader during the Secret Wars ; Thor says that Rogers is one of the very few mortals he will take orders from, and follow "through the gates of Hades".

Rogers' reflexes and senses are extraordinarily keen. He has blended Aikido , Boxing , [] Judo , [] [] Karate , [] [] Jujutsu , Kickboxing , and gymnastics into his own unique fighting style and is a master of multiple martial arts.

Years of practice with his near-indestructible shield make him able to aim and throw it with almost unerring accuracy. His skill with his shield is such that he can attack multiple targets in succession with a single throw or even cause a boomerang -like return from a throw to attack an enemy from behind.

In canon, he is regarded by other skilled fighters as one of the best hand-to-hand combatants in the Marvel Universe, limited only by his human physique.

Stan Lee claimed that he'd "always been fascinated by the fact that, although Captain America has the least spectacular super-power of all, the mantle of leadership falls naturally upon him, as though he was born to command Cap is one of the hardest hero characters to write, because the writer cannot use some exotic super-power to make his episodes seem colorful All he has to serve him are his extraordinary combat skills, his shield, and his unquenchable love for freedom and justice.

Rogers has vast U. He is an expert in combat strategy, survival, acrobatics, parkour , military strategy, piloting, and demolitions.

Despite his high profile as one of the world's most popular and recognizable superheroes, Rogers has a broad understanding of the espionage community, largely through his ongoing relationship with S.

Steve Rodgers is often considered to be the pinnacle of human potential and operates at peak physical performance due to his enhancement via the Super Soldier Serum.

The Super Soldier Serum enhances all of his metabolic functions and prevents the build-up of fatigue poisons in his muscles, giving him endurance far in excess of an ordinary human being.

He is highly resistant to hypnosis or gases that could limit his focus. Abraham Erskine. Even worse, the attempts have instead often created psychopathic supervillains of which Captain America's s imitator and Nuke are the most notorious examples.

Captain America has used multiple shields throughout his history, the most prevalent of which is a nigh-indestructible disc-shaped shield made from a unique combination of Vibranium , Steel alloy, and an unknown third component that has never been duplicated called Proto-Adamantium.

Myron MacLain , who was contracted by the U. Roosevelt , to create an impenetrable substance to use for tanks during World War II.

Captain America often uses his shield as an offensive throwing weapon. When without his trademark shield, Captain America sometimes uses other shields made from less durable metals such as steel, [] or even a photonic energy shield designed to mimic a vibranium matrix.

Captain America's uniform is made of a fire-retardant material, and he wears a lightweight, bulletproof duralumin scale armor beneath his uniform for added protection.

To prevent a recurrence of the situation, Rogers modified the mask with connecting material to his uniform, an added benefit of which was extending his armor to cover his previously exposed neck.

As a member of the Avengers, Rogers has an Avengers priority card, which serves as a communications device. Captain America has used a custom specialized motorcycle, modified by the S.

Captain America has faced numerous foes in over 70 years of published adventures. Many of his recurring foes embody ideologies contrary to the American values that Captain America is shown to strive for and believes in.

Other characters have adopted the alias over the years, most notably Bucky Barnes and Sam Wilson. Captain Steven Rogers , the 18th century Earth ancestor of the World War 2 Super-Soldier serum recipient, wore a colorful costume and carried a round cast iron shield.

In a time when Rogers had abandoned the Captain America identity, Bob Russo and "Scar" Turpin appear using the alias for an issue each, but both of them quickly abandon the identity after being injured.

He briefly serves as the Falcon's junior partner, but is killed by the Red Skull a mere two issues after adopting the identity.

Dave Rickford is a former special forces soldier who attained an augmentation, giving him superpowers, from Dr. Malus and the Power Broker.

He is kidnapped by A. The Marvel limited series presents an alternative history, Earth, in which a Captain America from the late 21st century is transported to the year after the Purple Man takes over the world — his enemy wanting to dispose of Rogers in such a way that there is nothing left of him in the present to inspire others — where he assumes the identity of Rojhaz a white Native American who is presumed by the Europeans to be of Welsh ancestry.

His arrival causes numerous alterations in reality, causing analogues of various Marvel Universe characters to appear in the 17th century instead, speculated by Uatu to be the result of the universe attempting to generate a means of repairing the damage caused to reality.

Rogers refuses to return to the future because he wants to nurture a new United States free of prejudice from its very beginnings, but the version of Nick Fury forces him to return, accompanying him on the journey.

Rogers noted that in his version of the late 21st century, he was the last true superhero and was left alone fighting his own country — the United States — which had fallen under the rule of a tyrannical life-term President.

A dam constructed for mining projects is diverting water away from nearby native territories, so Red Wolf attempts to blow it up.

Sheriff Steve Rogers prevents the corrupt Mayor Fisk Kingpin from having him killed, in order to give him a fair trial.

Sheriff Rogers, having Bullseye at gunpoint, attempts to rally the people of Timely into taking back their government, but is distracted and then shot by Bullseye, thrown into a pig pen by Fisk to die.

The remaining characters become Sheriff Roger's Avengers, protecting the town of Timely. In the Age of Ultron story wherein Ultron takes over the world, Captain America is one of the few surviving heroes.

He is a shattered hero whose spirit is gone and shield is broken. In the Age of X reality, Rogers was the leader of the Avengers, here a strike team intended to hunt down mutants.

Although he initially believed in his mission to contain the danger that mutants could pose to the world, an encounter with a mutant 'nursery' protecting young children forced Rogers to recognize that he was on the wrong side, he and his team subsequently sacrificing themselves to stop the psychotic Hulk from launching a bioweapon at the mutant stronghold.

Rogers' memories were 'stored' by Legacy , a mutant who was able to convey his plan of using various mutants to generate force fields around the facility to cut it off from the outside world.

The serum gives him the powers of the main universe Superman. Frozen in ice after a battle with Ultra-Metallo at the end of World War II, Super-Soldier is revived decades later and continues his fight for justice.

He is the leader of the Champions of the Realm and the King of Avalon. In Bishop 's future the Witness, a future version of Gambit , possesses Captain America's shattered shield.

The five-issue limited series Bullet Points , written by J. Michael Straczynski and illustrated by Tommy Lee Edwards , tells of an alternative reality in which Doctor Erskine is killed the day before implementing the Captain America program.

Steve Rogers, still frail, volunteers for the 'Iron Man' program, which bonds him to a robotic weapons-suit. He uses this to achieve victories against the Axis.

A story told from the first-hand account of Rick Jones when sent back in time to the Second World War. Captured by Nazi troops, he is rescued by Captain America and Bucky.

While initially believed to be shell-shocked, he convinces them that he is from the future when he reveals he knows their secret identities of Private Roger Stephenson a brunette and Bucky Barnes.

When Barnes is murdered by the Red Skull, Jones takes his place as the new Bucky for a mission to stop Zemo's missile.

At the end, with another time jump, Jones encounters a President Stephenson who needs his help. His name, combined with his membership in the Captain Britain Corps imply that in his universe, the Thirteen Colonies did not declare independence to form the United States as they did in our own universe and most of the other Marvel universes but instead remain part of Britain.

The Battleworld domain of the Warzone seen in Secret Wars contains a world in which Civil War never ended where it did in the original comics and continued for six more years.

Rogers then incorporated Stark's armor into his uniform, and uses a modified shield containing a version of the ARC reactor.

She uses the magnetic components Steve once used on the shield in order to better control it, and has the abilities of both her parents.

She first appears in Ultron Forever , and returns to the present as a member of the U. He is later shown in a brawl with Bane , winning when he throws his shield so that it strikes Bane in the back of the head before Bane can break his back.

He is then seen fighting with Batman in the sewers of Manhattan. After a pitched hand-to-hand standoff, they realize that neither one of them can gain an advantage over the other.

Afterward, they team up with each other to stop the entities, the fundamental similarities between the two unique men who trained themselves to the peak of human development—and their lack of interest in 'proving' their superiority over their counterpart forcing the Brothers to halt their conflict.

In the 7th issue in the series, Deadpool visits a world where Captain America is known as General America , and is after a female version of Deadpool called Lady Deadpool.

Deadpool intervenes and sends Headpool the zombie version after him, and Headpool bites him on the arm.

To prevent the zombie plague from affecting that Earth, Deadpool cuts off Cap's arm and leaves with it. In promos for Deadpool Corps , General America is shown to have a robotic arm.

In the Earth X series, in a post-apocalyptic alternative present, Captain America is a war-worn hero, with a bald head, a ragged United States flag for a top and an A-shaped scar on his face, but still holding on to his shield and well-built.

He later transformed into an angel of sorts, with blue skin, a white star on his chest, an "A" shape on his face, a U.

It is during this series that Doctor Erskine is revealed to be a Nazi, using his work with the Americans as a cover to help the Nazis create an army of "super soldiers.

Erskine was meant for Steve Rogers. The two heroes' principal archvillains, the Red Skull and the Joker , also work together to steal the American "Fat Boy" atomic bomb.

When the Joker realizes that the Skull is actually a Nazi saying "I may be a criminal lunatic but I'm an American criminal lunatic!

When thawed out by Batman and Robin, Captain America, though aggrieved by the death of Bucky in their final adventure the same as in the main Marvel storyline , decides to again fight in the name of justice.

Captain America has become a gladiator known as the Captain, fighting for the Skrulls against other superhumans in contents. He is defeated by Mimic , who, disgusted at Captain America having become nothing but a puppet to the Skrulls rather than the symbol he should be to others, uses Cyclops 's optic blasts.

He later turns the Avengers into vampires and becomes the new Vampire King. One of the Exiles, Sunfire , is bitten by a vampire. Before she can completely turn, Baron Crichton destroys Captain America and reveals himself to be the grandnephew of the original Baron Blood and a vampire as well, and becomes the newest King of the Vampire by blood right.

Rogers became an astronaut and was the first man to walk on the moon in By the present time, Rogers is said as being nearly years old.

His Earth memories are not reactivated, to spare him from a severe mental shock. According to a Marvel editorial, the House of M is not an alternative reality, but a period of time in which everything in the reality was profoundly altered by the Scarlet Witch.

His mind affected by subtle incompatibilities between the two universes, he sees the Justice League as overlords who demand praise and worship in return for heroic actions.

He especially gets angry at Superman , who likewise affected sees the Avengers as heroes who do not do enough and have let their world down.

After Cap and Batman battle to a standstill, the two team up to solve the mystery of the game. Using an inter-dimensional vehicle that allows them to reach the Grandmaster's headquarters, they discover that the Avengers are fighting for Krona.

Their intervention in the last battle, where Cap makes sure that Batman can get the cube so the JLA wins the game, causes the villain Krona to go mad and attack the Grandmaster.

The Grandmaster causes the two universes to merge, imprisoning Krona between them. Cap, still subconsciously aware of the reality changes, attacks Superman, who is also subconsciously aware of the changes.

This shatters the fixed reality, freeing Krona. Cap and Superman again argue, but are stopped by Wonder Woman. The two teams find the Grandmaster , who reveals their true realities.

Despite seeing shocking revelations, the two teams decide to face Krona. Cap leads the teams as a battle tactician at Superman's suggestion, communicating orders through the Martian Manhunter 's telepathy, and gives Superman his shield.

After the two teams defeat Krona and restore their universes, Cap and Superman salute each other as they are transported back to their own dimensions, saying that they fight on.

He is also implied to be a descendant of Luke Cage. He wields two energy force-field shields, similar to the one that Steve Rogers used once when he temporarily lost his vibranium shield.

Appalled with the American government after the "Villain Massacre", Captain America leaves his life as a superhero and runs for president.

His presidency is a large success, but he is shot and seemingly killed in his third term, causing the other heroes to lose faith.

However, Cap is not dead, but placed in suspended animation in a secret location until the technology to heal him can be developed.

Using a sophisticated series of computer monitors, Captain America watches his friends win their final battle and records it for historical purposes.

In the Battleworld town of Marville, the mainstream superheroes are all elementary school age children, using their superpowers to engage in very destructive roughhousing.

This Captain America is still the leader of the Avengers, though their headquarters are in a tree house instead of Avengers Mansion.

As in the mainstream " Avengers vs. X-Men " storyline, Captain America faces off against Cyclops and the X-Men, only this time in an attempt to get two new kids on the block to join their respective group.

In this story, Captain America and his fellow superheroes are all babies, but still superpowered. When baby Captain America's favorite stuffed bear Bucky goes missing, he assembles his baby Avengers and battles the baby X-Men for its return.

In Marvel a man masquerading as the original Captain America became ruler of the U. The man was killed when Doom dropped nano-machines on the Red House.

In Secret Wars , a new version of Captain America was created by Alchemax and resides in the Battleworld domain of Roberta Mendez was forcefully subjected to take the Super-Soldier Serum by her husband, Harry and became the leader of Alchemax's Avengers.

Roberta and Captain America are two different personas of the same woman, with Roberta unknowing of her counterpart. She physically and mentally becomes Captain America if her trigger words, "Avengers Assemble", are said, and she reverts to Roberta if someone says "Dismissed".

Following Secret Wars , Roberta is transported to the prime Marvel Universe with hallucinations of her past life.

After Roberta's powers resurface again, she becomes a recurring ally for Spider-Man The Public Eye attempt to arrest her, until she is rescued by Ravage In the present, Miguel receives a call from Peter Parker, who tells him of a vision the Inhuman Ulysses had of the future: the death of Roberta Mendez.

He goes back to Roberta and Ravage are taken to the downtown area by Hawkeye , where they meet the remaining heroes. Spider-Man convinces Doctor Strange to help him out in exchange for his help in eliminating the A.

Upon finding Roberta, Strange takes Spider-Man downtown, while Roberta leaves to find her husband upon learning his location. Roberta finds her husband Harry, who claims that she died and that they do not have kids, and gets captured by Power Pack.

Jonah Jameson , Spider-Man rallies the heroes to launch an assault on S. HQ and rescue Roberta. In the process, they discover that "Jameson" and "Power Pack" are actually Skrull impostors.

Spider-Man and Roberta then go back to to restore the timeline. Thanks to Miguel's sacrifice, Roberta's family history is restored.

Secretly, he is a vampire along with his version of the Invaders , and plots to enter the universe for sustenance. To accomplish this, he has already killed his world's version of Mr.

However, it is revealed that the vampire Captain America was really Baron Blood , who took on Cap's form and increased his strength through the Super-Soldier Serum inside him.

The real America was still frozen in ice up to the modern era, and helped the Gibbon , Wolverine , and Speedball fight off the vampire Namor.

Afterwards, they stop Baron Blood. This version of Captain America turns out to be nearly as brutal as his impersonator; for example he is willing to kill Spider-Monkey for the 'crime' of helping innocent dimensional travelers.

This is done mostly out of a desire of self-defense, but she is encouraged to keep it for the foreseeable future by Sharon Carter.

His costume gives him the power to generate and manipulate energy shields. In the — miniseries Marvel Zombies , and the follow-up Marvel Zombies vs.

He is among the superheroes infected, along with his other fellow Avengers, by the zombified Sentry. The Army Of Darkness by biting him on the shoulder.

He is apparently killed by a zombie Red Skull , who rips off his left arm and scoops his exposed brains out before he himself is decapitated by a zombified Spider-Man.

Zombie Ant-Man then steps on the Red Skull. As his intellect was partly retained in the remaining portion of his brain, he was transplanted into Black Panther 's son T'Channa's dead body, and given a mechanical left arm.

The transplant is successful, but the resulting brain damage turns Colonel America into a battle-crazed zombie leader, manageable but unable to focus on anything that is not related to war, confrontation, and battle.

Marvel Zombies 3 features a zombie version called "Captain Mexica", who comes from an alternate universe in which the Aztec Empire in Mexico never fell.

He is killed after Machine Man cuts him in half. In the alternative reality MC2 universe, Captain America leads the original Avengers on a mission to an alternative reality, which claims the majority of the team.

The next iteration of MC2 Avengers aids him in A-Next , at the end of which he gives American Dream the shield that had belonged to that universe's Captain America.

Captain America and Thunderstrike return to their home universe to aid in the fight against Seth in Spider-Girl Thor uses his power to transform Captain America into a new star.

In the sequel, Last Planet Standing , Galactus states that this new star is the key to his escaping his world-devouring hunger [ citation needed ].

He has powerful energy manipulating abilities which manifest when America is threatened. He is defeated by Havok and is then drawn below the earth by The Beyonder who kills him after he finds out what he needs to know.

Captain America is mentioned several times in Nextwave , usually by Monica Rambeau who constantly talks about her time as an Avenger.

He appears in a flashback Monica has, when the Avengers are attacked by naked enemies. He tells her to "cover your eyes, go back to the mansion, and make my dinner".

In this potential future , all the Marvel Universe superheroes were killed when the supervillains combined forces. The villains then conquer and divide up control of the United States.

Captain America is shown in a flashback as having been killed by the Red Skull in the ruins of the U. Although British, she takes up the shield and American flag to fight as Captain America.

In this universe, Becky Barnes serves alongside Captain Peggy. She was adapted into the third series of the comic Exiles. Warren Ellis 's Ruins limited series explored a version of the Marvel Universe where "everything went wrong".

In this continuity, Captain America himself makes no physical appearance in the series aside from the cover for issue 1 and in a dream sequence in issue 2.

He was a member of the Avengers, a revolutionary cell formed by Tony Stark bent on liberating California from the corrupt rule of President Charles Xavier, but along with many other members of the team, he is killed aboard the Avengers Quinjet.

His shield is recovered by soldiers who celebrate the deaths of the Avengers. A part of the Captain's war history is touched upon by the now-psychotic Nick Fury, who was ordered to destroy the Quinjet by the President: " I'll give you an anecdote.

Back in the war, it was America introduced me to eating human meat. Captain America is a S. She became trapped in an alternate dimension after seemingly sacrificing herself to stop Arnim Zola , but later managed to return home to find that 75 years had passed.

In this retelling of Spider-Island as part of the " Secret Wars " storyline, Captain America and the other heroes are mutated into monster spiders and he is still the Spider Queen's "Spider King" in the Battleworld domain of Spider-Island.

He uses his new form to fight for the resistance. Spider-Man: Life Story takes place in an alternate continuity where characters naturally age after Peter Parker debuts as Spider-Man in In , Captain America is pressured by the public to join the efforts in Vietnam and decides to go to see the conflict for himself.

A year later, American soldiers label Steve as a traitor when he decides to protect a Vietnamese village.

Captain America also gets himself involved in the Superhuman Civil War in the s. In the s, it is unknown if he is dead or in hiding after Doctor Doom took over the planet.

Most of the subjects die, or become deformed with the exception of one, Isaiah Bradley. Isaiah substitutes for Captain America on an assignment, discovering Jewish concentration camp detainees subjected to experiments.

In Captain America vol. Later, he is elected president and serves two terms. He travels back in time, accidentally crossing to Earth , and brings the mainstream Captain America and Rebecca Quan forward into his own time to prevent his daughter, Rebecca "Becky" Barnes, from traveling to Earth As scientists were unable to recreate the Super-Soldier Serum, they used cybernetics and steroids to enhance Simpson, which eventually eroded his sanity.

As a result, he is unofficially adopted by the camp as a mascot. Nicknamed "Bucky", he takes to wearing a uniform and becoming savvy with the ins and outs of military life, even though he is a teenager.

It was at Lehigh that he meets and befriends Private Steven Rogers, who by all appearances is the clumsiest soldier in the camp. This was at the same time that reports of the then-mysterious Captain America begin to appear in news magazines, and Barnes eagerly devours the accounts of this new hero.

In , Bucky accidentally walked in on Steve Rogers changing into his uniform, thus discovering his friend was Captain America and insisted that he join him.

He underwent extensive training and was assigned to be Captain America's partner. The military justified putting a year-old in harm's way by using him as a symbol to rally the youth of America as revealed in Captain America vol.

He was also briefly one of the Kid Commandos at this time. Bucky served as an advance scout for Captain America and the Invaders, often being assigned tasks that none of the heroes could be seen doing.

Zemo launches the plane with an armed explosive device on it, with Rogers and Barnes in hot pursuit. They reach the plane just before it takes off.

Bucky unsuccessfully tries to defuse the bomb, and it explodes in mid-air before reaching its intended target.

He will be believed to have been killed in action, as Rogers is hurled into the freezing waters of the North Atlantic. It was only in modern times that Captain America would learn that Bucky had a sister, Rebecca, whom he met at a veterans Christmas celebration.

Captain America battled Bucky, whom he defeated, and the apparitions disappeared. It was revealed that after the plane exploded, General Vasily Karpov and the crew of a Russian patrol submarine found Bucky's cold-preserved body, albeit with his left arm severed.

Bucky was revived in Moscow, but suffered brain damage with amnesia as a result of the explosion. Scientists attached a bionic arm , periodically upgrading it as technology improved.

Programmed to be a Soviet assassin for Department X—under the code name the "Winter Soldier", he is sent on covert wetwork missions and becomes increasingly ruthless and efficient as he kills in the name of the state.

While a Soviet agent, he also has a brief relationship with the Black Widow. The Winter Soldier is kept in a cryogenic stasis when not on missions, and as a result has aged only a few years to a young adult since the closing days of World War II.

In , the Winter Soldier was sent to kill Professor Zhang Chin, whom he had met over 20 years earlier. He was thwarted by an intangible being called the Man with No Face, though he was able to escape.

The Winter Soldier launches a terrorist attack on Philadelphia , Pennsylvania, killing hundreds, and charges the Cosmic Cube which Lukin sent him to retrieve.

He kidnaps Sharon Carter , an agent of the international espionage agency S. Captain America tracks down and confronts the Winter Soldier. Regaining his memories, Bucky becomes overwhelmed by guilt over his past actions, crushing the Cosmic Cube and teleporting away.

He reappears shortly afterward in London , where he helps Captain America fend off a terrorist attack. He asks Nick Fury for employment and new equipment following the loss of his bionic arm.

Before the plan can be implemented, however, Rogers is assassinated. Faustus attempt unsuccessfully to brainwash the Winter Soldier.

After escaping from Faustus and being captured by S. Barnes agrees to become the new Captain America only if Stark has telepaths eliminate any potential subliminal commands and guarantees him complete autonomy.

Barnes's new Captain America costume is laced with adamantium, and he carries a pistol and a combat knife. Faustus who have revived the s Captain America in a plot to secure one of their pawns attaining the U.

Barnes and his allies succeed in aborting the Skull's plans, and Barnes saves the Democratic and Republican presidential candidates from assassination, winning public applause.

The adventure ends with Barnes accepting himself and addressing himself now as Captain America.

During the Secret Invasion storyline, after most of the other heroes have fallen as the Skrull invasion of Earth continues, Captain America is seen watching Thor defend a group of civilians in Central Park.

The body was stolen by Professor Zhang Chin who used the Torch to create a virus to exterminate half the Earth's population.

Teaming up with Namor, they stop Chin and make sure that Hammond receives a proper burial. In the aftermath of Secret Invasion , Captain America joins the New Avengers and offers his home as a base of operations.

As explained by Doctor Zola to Norman Osborn , Rogers was trapped in a fixed position of time and space. But since Sharon ruined the machine that was supposed to bring him back, Steve was reliving his own past.

Barnes and Black Widow attempt to steal the device from H. Osborn sends the Black Widow back to Sharon with an ultimatum: either she turns herself in, as Osborn had implicated her as Rogers' second shooter, or he'll kill Barnes.

Barnes is then sent into the custody of the Thunderbolts who tell him that he'll be inducted into their group once Rogers is brought back.

However, Barnes is secretly freed by Ant-Man and then rescued by the Falcon. The group intercepts the Red Skull's ship beside the Lincoln Memorial and attacks.

The Red Skull has already taken over Steve's body, and Barnes attacks him. The two battle while Hank saves Sharon and the others battle Crossbones and a squad of M.

Sin shoots Barnes in the shoulders, giving the Skull the opportunity to take Captain America's shield. He pins Barnes to the ground and cuts off his cybernetic hand with the shield.

However, inside Steve's mind, Steve prepares to kill the Red Skull to keep him from doing any more evil in his name. Realizing its peril, the Red Skull's consciousness returns to its own robotic body.

As the robotic Skull attempts to flee, Sharon shoots him, causing the Skull's body to become giant-sized. Steve, back in control of himself, leads an attack.

The Vision uses the Skull's ship's weapons to destroy the Skull. Leading up to the Siege storyline, Bucky Barnes is shown still as Captain America talking with Steve Rogers in a dark body suit and standing next to him.

The two are helping restore Tony Stark's mind by using the shield as a conduit for Thor's lightning. Barnes still in his Captain America suit pulls Rogers aside just before they are about to leave for Asgard.

Barnes tells Rogers that they should "skip the argument" and insists that Rogers use Captain America's shield. Rogers takes the shield, and Barnes is shown with a large gun in his hands, ready for the fight ahead.

Barnes is a member of the main Avengers team formed in the aftermath of the Siege storyline. During the Fear Itself storyline, Barnes takes up the Captain America identity again, but is apparently killed in battle with Sin in her Skadi form.

With the world believing him dead he returned to his former identity of Winter Soldier to perform special jobs behind the scenes relating to his earlier days as the Winter Soldier.

During the Original Sin storyline, Bucky initially participates in the investigation into the death of Uatu the Watcher , travelling into deep space with Moon Knight and Gamora to follow up a lead.

During the Avengers: Standoff! He leaves a trail for Steve Rogers, who finds a message on a napkin he used. After rescuing S. They later find Steve Rogers at the bowling alley restored to his prime, after Kobik used her powers to restore his youth when he was about to be killed by Crossbones.

They begin to search for Kobik again only to discover that Baron Zemo had Fixer invent a device that would help find Kobik as Kraven the Hunter rallies the villains to help with their goals.

Upon not being able to locate Kobik, Steve decides to rally the heroes so they can take the fight to Baron Zemo. Winter Soldier agrees to the terms as Kobik suggests that she brings some "friends" she made in Pleasant Hill with them.

However, Zemo has other plans for Winter Soldier, deciding to tie him onto a rocket to be killed in its explosion, preventing him from stopping Hydra's true objective of conquering the United States.

Once Sam Wilson returns and gives hope to his fellow heroes to find the Cosmic Cube fragments before Hydra does, Namor tells Winter Soldier that the time has come to remove his disguise and help their fellow allies.

During the resistance's preparation for the final battle against Hydra to restore America to normal, Winter Soldier reveals that he knew who Kobik was aside being a manifested sentient of Cosmic Cube, a misguided child whom Hydra manipulated into replacing the real Steve with a Hydra counterpart.

Thus, Winter Soldier devises a distraction plan by needing Ant-Man and Sam's help to get Kobik and their Steve back, while Hawkeye leads the rest of resistance on their final raids on the Hydra army at their main base in Washington, DC.

During the heroes' final raid against Hydra, Winter Soldier rescues Black Panther, who was captured by Hydra, and they apprehend Zemo together. When Zola equips Hydra Supreme Steve Rogers with a modified stolen Iron Man armor, infused with fragments of Cosmic Cube, both altering the reality into Hydra's image and erasing the heroes from their existence, Winter Soldier, Ant-Man, and Sam Wilson use the last fragment to defend themselves and initiate their plans by pretending to surrender the last fragment to Hydra Steve for Ant-Man and Winter Soldier to enter the cube inside.

Once entering the cube thanks to Ant-Man and Sam's distraction, Winter Soldier manages to save both Kobik and Steve Rogers, restoring the reality and restoring both Steve's physical appearance on the surface, as well as wearing his iconic Captain America costume, and his Super Soldier serum powers.

After Captain America defeats his counterpart and eventually Hydra, Winter Soldier goes to Madripoor while still mourning Black Widow's death, who was killed by Hydra Supreme Rogers, watching her funeral on TV as he is currently on the trail of an infamous general who is the target of assassination.

Someone snipes the general and Winter Soldier suspects that it might be Black Widow. He is soon joined by Hawkeye in the search for Natasha's impostor, who they discover to be Yelena Belova , who temporarily replaced Natasha as the Black Widow ten years prior.

Having trained under Steve Rogers the original Captain America in World War II and others in the time leading up to World War II, "Bucky" Barnes is a master of hand-to-hand combat and martial arts, as well as being skilled in the use of military weapons such as firearms and grenades.

He also used throwing knives on occasion and was a gifted advance scout. His time as the covert Soviet agent known as the Winter Soldier helped to further hone his skills, making him the equal to his predecessor in combat skills and an expert assassin and spy.

Winter Soldier's left arm is a cybernetic prosthetic with superhuman strength and enhanced reaction time. The arm can function when not in contact with Barnes and can discharge an EMP causing electronics to either shut down or become useless.

The arm has a holographic function to disguise it as a flesh and blood arm. He often carries several conventional weapons such as knives, guns—mostly a Colt A1.

In this alternate reality set in one of DC Comics' numerous " Elseworlds " continuities , Bucky dies off-page as he had done in numerous Avengers and Captain America recollections.

In the alternate reality of the five-issue Bullet Points miniseries Jan. However, Rogers volunteers for the 'Iron Man' program and as such, saves Barnes and several fellow soldiers from an advancing tank during the battle of Guadalcanal.

Unfortunately he is not swift enough to save Barnes from severe damage to his legs. Nuke and Mimic served as a distraction while Agent Barnes sneaked into Magneto's headquarters; [70] and though he fatally stabs Professor Xavier, Bucky was killed by Magneto.

In the second issue of the crossover miniseries Marvel Zombies vs. This version of the Winter Soldier is ultimately killed by Ash Williams , who shoots his head off with his " boomstick ", even having shot off his bionic arm.

This version is Steve's childhood friend who accompanies on missions as an Army press photographer. During which, Bucky is diagnosed as having lung cancer from chain smoking back in the War.

Barnes and Gail both live to see Steve's revival in the 21st century and renews their friendship. After America was taken by the Liberators, Bucky is captured at a cemetery with Steve and remains unseen.

Bucky was accompanied here by two assistants that are both addressed by their real names. In the What If? His mercenary tendencies led to Rogers' desertion, and when he later intervened in Rogers' transformation into Captain America, his face was destroyed, turning him into an undead being known as the White Skull.

In Ruins , which is set in a dystopian alternate future, Bucky is taken into custody alongside Victor Creed and others for several heinous crimes, including cannibalism.

An alternate-universe Bucky appears in the miniseries Captain America Corps. In a world where all the Marvel characters are small children depicted in A-Babies vs.

He is stolen by Scott Summers, igniting an enormous battle between the baby Avengers and the baby X-Men. Bucky as a teenager appeared as a member of the Battleworld Runaways during " Secret Wars ".

A female version of Bucky Barnes named Sgt. Rebecca "Becky" Barnes appears in Exiles Vol. She joins the Exiles and is in a relationship with Valkryie.

Before becoming gladiators in the Killiseum the two were inspired by the heroism of Sam Wilson and joined the Super Soldier program and fought in the war together but eventually lost.

Both characters are implied to be lovers in this universe.

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Bucky's Fall - Train Scene - Captain America The First Avenger (2011) Movie Clip 4K Captain America Bucky BUCKY - Captain America: The Winter Soldier (): Movie Poster (Thick) Original Size 12 x 18 Inch - Chris Evans, Frank Grillo, Sebastian Stan by WMG. Popular Mechanics Die anderen Figuren wurden als Computergrafiken in den Film eingefügt. Streamonline kämpfen Lawless Film weiter, Steve kann jedoch den Fortschritt von Projekt Insight von dort unten nicht beenden. Inside Kino; abgerufen am Ebenfalls mehrfach verwendet wurde eine stillgelegte Fabrik aus den er Jahren im Freitag Der 13. – Jason Kehrt Zurück Stream Longcross, die heute Teil der Longcross Studios ist und sowohl als Kulisse des Labors, in dem Howard Stark Krugers Mini-U-Boot untersucht, Amy Sherman Palladino auch Zdf.De Sport das Hauptquartier der Alliierten in London genutzt wurde. April Nachdem Steve Rogers in einer Geschichte aus den er Jahren von den Rächern in der Antarktis entdeckt worden war, enthüllte eine Rückblende, dass Tattooo bei der Explosion der Flugbombe, die Captain America ins Meer geschleudert hatte, augenscheinlich gestorben war. Jackson ist zudem erneut in seiner Rolle als Nick Fury zu sehen. Episode 4. Before becoming gladiators in the Killiseum the two were inspired by the heroism of Sam Wilson and joined the Super Soldier program Online Films fought in the war together but eventually lost. Captain America : What you did all Kotoko years, it wasn't you. Then I passed out. Before Rogers can be killed, Kobik uses her abilities to restore him back to his Zoomania Deutsch. Die Avengers sind entzweit, ganz so, wie Zemo es wollte. Sam Wilson : Stark. Namespaces Article Talk. President Harry S. Fury of S. Josef Reinstein", [56] [57] later retroactively changed to a code name for the scientist Abraham Erskine. Archived from the original on November 17, During the Avengers: Standoff! Captain America January Barnes's new Captain America costume is laced with adamantium, and he carries a pistol and a combat Mossul News Aktuell. Winter Soldier : Kim Sae-Ron remember all of them. Faustus who have revived the s Captain America in a plot to secure one of their pawns attaining the U. He uses this to achieve victories against the Axis. Something big! After escaping from Faustus Beastars being captured by S. Oktober Als Steve dort noch einmal versucht, sich freiwillig für die Armee zu melden, erweckt er die Aufmerksamkeit des aus Deutschland emigrierten Wissenschaftlers Abraham Erskine, der von Steves Hartnäckigkeit beeindruckt ist und ihm den Eintritt in die Armee ermöglicht. April in mehr als 30 Ländern an, was über 60 Prozent aller Anime Family darstellt. Engelbert von Nordhausen. Seitdem Hotel Transsilvanien 2 Ganzer Film Deutsch er als verstorben. Während der Produktion von Tarzan Film 2019 Maneinem der ersten direkt von den Marvel Studios produzierte Filme, wurde als eines der nächsten Projekte eine Verfilmung von Captain America geplant. Frustriert attackiert der Winter Soldier Rogers zuerst, Steve gibt jedoch nicht auf und erinnert ihn daran, dass sie Freunde waren. Christopher Markus Stephen McFeely. Als Schmidt den Würfel daraufhin mit seinen Händen berührt, Aiman Abdallah dieser seinen Körper auf. Genaugenommen stellt dies allerdings einen Anachronismus dar, da die im Film gezeigte Unisphere im Flushing-Meadows-Park Gänsehaut Stream Movie4k Wirklichkeit erst anlässlich der Weltausstellung des Jahres erbaut wurde. Anmelden Du hast noch kein Benutzerkonto? Captain America: Civil War. Während der Pretty Little Liars Saison 5. Zemo hat jedoch Alexa Benkert eigentlichen Psychologen getötet und benutzt die russischen Codewörter, um Buckys Gehirnwäsche zu reaktivieren, und befiehlt Bucky auszubrechen. Während Handlanger des Winter Soldiers von hinten in Steves Wagen rasen und ihn so weiter nach vorne drängen, springt der Winter Soldier wieder auf das Autodach. Die Berge Sing Movie Hintergrund wurden Nick Jr Tv digital ergänzt. Kurze Zeit später taucht Alexander Pierce auf, dem verraten wird Avatar Film sich Bucky in einer instabilen Phase befindet. Superman'-Film schmerzlich vermisste.


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